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Spring Meeting

Friday 24 April 2015

West Herts GC

Cassiobury Park, Rousebarn lane, RICKMANSWORTH  WD3 3GG

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Alan Anderson (15.1) Playing
Ranjit Arora (15.8) Playing
David Balfour (14.0) Playing
Steve Ball (6.2) Playing
Jim Begley (8.0) Playing
Geoff Blofield (21.2) Playing
Ron Bowen (18.0) Playing
Jonathan Brooke (17.7) Playing
Gordon Bull (18.0) Playing
Gerry Cotter (13.6) Playing
Douglas Crabtree (20.0) Invited
Rod Crisp (3.3) Playing
Cliff Darlington (16.0) Playing
Stuart Duncan (11.1) Playing
Quentin Easton (19.0) Playing
Douglas Ebdon (15.2) Playing
Herry Eilerts de Haan (14.0) Playing
Colin Elwell (13.3) Playing
John French (10.4) Playing
Paul Graves (12.0) Playing
Brian Grufferty (14.0) Playing
Garry Hartley (19.0) Playing
Simon Hatcher (4.8) Playing
Bob Hayes (13.0) Playing
Peter Hill (15.8) Playing
Jeremy Hilton (16.0) Invited
John Hutchins (17.0) Playing
Haydn James (10.0) Invited
Tony Jeffries (20.7) Playing
Rod Jones (15.5) Playing
Peter Lane (13.0) Playing
David Liston (Captain) (14.4) Playing
John Low (18.0) Playing
Brian Lowe (23.7) Playing
Derek Messenger (13.0) Playing
Mike Morris (20.0) Playing
Trevor Murphy (16.0) Playing
John Pettitt (12.7) Playing
Phil Price (11.0) Playing
Brian Rodgers (10.3) Playing
Bill Shanks (13.7) Playing
Peter Short (Past Capt) (23.0) Playing
Tony Simpson (17.0) Playing
Rob Southerden (16.0) Playing
Mike Styrka (18.0) Playing
Tony Wallington (12.2) Playing
Peter White (12.0) Playing
Graeme Wilson (11.0) Playing

Match details

Addison -Scott Trophy Winner Brian Rodgers 38pts R/up Simon Hatcher 37 pts ocb 3rd Peter Hill 37pts