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Friday 15 June 2018

Ashford Manor

Footbridge Road, Shepperton, ASHFORD  TW15 3RT

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Ranjit Arora (15.8) Playing
Vic Cooper (14.7) Playing
Gerry Cotter (13.6) Playing
Kieran Davey (15.7) Playing
Quentin Easton (19.0) Playing
Rob Goldsmith (8.3) Playing
Brian Grufferty (14.0) Playing
Peter Hill (15.8) Playing
John Hutchins (17.0) Playing
Tony Jeffries (20.7) Playing
Rod Jones (15.5) Playing
Mike Rossiter (15.9) Playing
Peter Short (Past Capt) (23.0) Playing
Tony Simpson (17.0) Playing
Ian Smithie (16.0) Playing
Tom Wright (13.0) Playing

Match details

G Axeworthy Trophy

Lost 7/1