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Monday 16 August 2021

Henly Golf Club

Harpsden, HENLY  RG9 4HG

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Alan Anderson (15.1) Playing
David Balfour (14.0) Playing
Bob Barnes (7.0) Playing
Martin Bart (8.0) Playing
Geoff Blofield (21.2) Playing
Gary Burch (7.0) Playing
Bob Clift (14.1) Playing
Gerry Cotter (13.6) Playing
Nigel Dickinson (13.0) Reserve
David Forrest (3.4) Playing
Rob Goldsmith (8.3) Playing
Philip Hall (17.9) Reserve
Steve James (15.7) Playing
Rod Jones (15.5) Playing
Peter Lane (13.0) Reserve
Terry Loughlin (16.7) Playing
John Mannering (VCapt) (15.9) Playing
Gordon McMurdo (21.5) Reserve
Geoff Naylor (10.5) Playing
Richard Nightingale (24.6) Reserve
Colin Sawyer (12.3) Reserve
Peter Short (Past Capt) (23.0) Playing
Philip Sissons (13.0) Reserve
Tom Wright (13.0) Reserve

Match details

Lost 6/2