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Monday 2 September 2024

West Essex

Bury Road, LONDON  E4 7QL

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David Balfour (15.4) Invited
Gerry Cotter (14.9) Invited
Douglas Ebdon (Treasurer) (18.8) Invited
Colin Elwell(Captain) (15.1) Invited
John French (14.3) Invited
Roger Harman (24.9) Invited
Peter Hill (16.9) Invited
Tony Jeffries (Past Captain) (24.3) Invited
Rod Jones (17.3) Invited
John Ketley (17.8) Invited
David Liston (17.4) Invited
John Mannering (17.3) Invited
Gerry McSloy (7.8) Invited
Richard Nightingale (20.7) Invited
John Pettitt (14.6) Invited
Brian Roake (18.3) Invited
Brian Rodgers (9.6) Invited
Bill Shanks (15.2) Invited
Rob Southerden (17.2) Invited
John Spoerry (22.9) Invited
Roger Warren (15.1) Invited

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