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AGM 2018

Notice is hereby given that the 39th Annual General Meeting of the Association of Buckinghamshire Golf Captains will take place at Ellesborough Golf Club on Friday 12 October 2018 at approximately 6.30pm prior to the dinner.

Peter Short – Honorary Administration Secretary – September 2018


    1. Apologies for absence
    2. Minutes of the 38th Annual General Meeting
    3. Matters arising
    4. Captain’s report
    5. Financial reports
    6. Elections of Officers and Committee

      Peter Short, proposed by Gerry Cotter, seconded by Doug Ebdon

      David Liston, proposed by Peter Short seconded by Rob Southerden

      Honorary Secretary
      Peter Short, proposed by David Liston, seconded by Doug Ebdon

      Honorary Match Secretary
      David Liston, proposed by Peter Short, seconded by John Mannering

      Honorary Treasurer
      Doug Ebdon, proposed by David Liston, seconded by Peter Short

      Mark Williams ,John Mannering, Tony Jefferies and Colin Elwell proposed by Rob Southerden, seconded by Gerry Cotter

    7. Any other business, please give advance warning if possible



PRESENT: Rob Southerden (Captain) Brian Rodgers (Past Captain) Doug Ebdon (Treasurer) Peter Short (Secretary), Gerry Cotter David Liston, John Mannering and 37 members.

The Captain, Rob Southerden welcomed members to the AGM.

1. APOLOGIES FOR ABSENCE: The following members had sent apologies to the Secretary. M Morris, R Harman, J Morley, M Williams, C Cox, A Wells, D Ball, C Darlington, J Brooke, J Dixon, V Cooper, I Corse.

2. MINUTES OF THE 37th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING HELD AT THE BEACONSFIELD GC ON 19 OCTOBER 2016.  The Captain reported that these had been circulated to all members in Newsletter No 52 and further copies were available if required.  Therefore these minutes would not be read out unless requested.

As there were no requests, the Captain asked for approval of these minutes as a true record.  Proposed by Peter Hill and Seconded by Gerry Cotter and approved unanimously.



It was only a month ago that I wrote my Captains Corner for the autumn newsletter, not a lot has happened since then (other than another loss) so please forgive my repetition. We lost to Kent but we did manage a half with Sussex. That makes our total plus points for the season to 3 1/2, half a point down on Brian last year. The least said the better … “other than it is not all about winning it is the taking part”. I trust next year’s captain will fare better and emulate the efforts of Doug in 2015. However, our dismal form in the matches was more than made up for with our victory in the Four Counties South hosted by Berkshire at the East Berkshire Golf Club in Crowthorne. We had a magnificent 203 points and were 10/15 points clear of the runners up. Regrettably normal service resumed in the Four Counties North where we came a close fourth (only 31 points behind the winners). Seriously though the results never reflect the fun and competitive spirit of the day and win, lose or halve there is always a friendly and convivial atmosphere in the bar afterwards.

In total 83 members have participated in matches and competitions this season. We are a small Association compared to others and it is important that we get that playing membership up to a figure in the region of 100. To this end could I ask that the club ambassadors and you the members encourage not only the outgoing captain of your club but other past captains to join us and swell our membership?

On a sad note I have to report the passing of three of our members. Two founder members, Hughie Murray and Freddie Scott and a more recent member from my home club, Burnham Beeches, Bob Franklin. Freddie was a member at Buckingham where in 1979 the foundations were laid for the formation of our association and out first events were held. He is the first name on our captain’s board in 1980.

During the year I introduced two new events. A mixed invitation (held at Temple Golf Club) and a past captains competition (hosted by Studley Wood). You really know you’re past it when you are a past captain of your home club, join fellow past captains and play in an event for past captains of the past captains. In truth, being the youngest of the past captains I thought it was something that I might just stand a chance of winning. We’ll see next year.

The event this year was won by John Ketley (32 points) and the mixed by Peter and Fran Hill with 42 points. I am told by their playing partners that it was Fran that did all the scoring, including a five pointer, a birdie on a par five where she was getting two shots.

Both competitions were well received by those that participated and will be repeated next year. The mixed will be at the Oxford Golf Club (formally Southfields) in September and the past captains at Mid Herts. The past captains event will be played in June when hopefully not so many of you will be on holiday.

On the subject of mixed golf we had our annual competition with Buckinghamshire Ladies in June, hosted by Oakland Park. The event was won by John Pettit and Gail Sharp with 45 points (only 3 more than Peter and Fran).

In addition to the win in the four counties the two other highlights of my year were my captain’s day and my tour. The former was held at Burnham Beeches Golf Club and though I say it myself was a fantastic day. Helped by the weather, sunny but breezy, our greens staff, our caterers and the Great British Bake Off contestants 2018. It was more of a feast than it was feast of golf, other than the performance of Colin Elwell, who won the day with 40 points. On the day we entertained the captains and secretaries from the other counties and I know by the emails of thanks that I received that a good time was had by all.

My tour took us to South Wales. Though we were thin on the ground in respect of numbers and the closure of the M4 on our approach to Cardiff caused some concern, we had a great time. Who said it always rains in Wales. Every day we had temperatures in the mid-thirties, too hot for some but better than constant drizzle. We stayed and played at The Vale Resort and in addition played Cardiff, Radyr and Whitchurch. All of the courses have held Welsh national competitions and were a true but not unfair test. The Miner’s Lamp was won by my vice Gerry Cotter. I hope that without the pressure of the organisation I will fare better next year.

Two other results I haven’t mentioned are the Spring meeting which kicks of our year, won by Austin Cashin and today’s finale won by Gerry McSloy. Congratulations to you both.

Now the thank yous. The role of captain is that of an ambassador, you don’t actually do very much. I get picked up and driven to the matches, play golf get wined and dined, say a few words and get driven home.  Not only for the matches but, in the main, for the invitations from the other counties. The real work is done behind the scenes by my and your committee. Doug had a hard act to follow as treasurer but as he will tell you shortly, in spite of us having more home matches this year than last he has maintained a very healthy bank balance.  Peter has completed his sixth year as secretary and prior to that he was match secretary. He lessened his work load this year by reintroducing the role of an overall match manager. This position was accepted by David Liston, he has taken on more responsibility with it as the year has progressed. David, in turn, has been helped by various members who have dealt with the matches on a day by day, match by match basis. John Mannering does the job of our rag and bone man. Bow ties, pin badges, belts and cuff links he has in abundance so please give him a call. Our outgoing committee member is our immediate past captain, Brian Rodgers. Thank you Brian for your three years of service to the association and for the help and support I have had from you this year. Enjoy your retirement. Last but not least, my vice captain Gerry Cotter. I wish you good luck next year (if elected). If you have half the fun and enjoyment next year that I have had this you will be a lucky man.

Another last but not least…. You the members. I would again like to express my gratitude to you for the generosity you showed with your donations to Wexham Accident & Emergency. You donated £834 a figure way and above what I was expecting. Without you we wouldn’t have an association. The Oxford Dictionary states that a member is a person who belongs to a group, society or association.  The definition of a society or association is broadly the same. A group of likeminded members who band together for their mutual benefit and enjoyment in a specific activity. That gentlemen sums us up.

It has been my privilege to have served as your captain over the past twelve months. My only regret is that I won’t get the opportunity again.



The accounts had been circulated in the newsletter together with the following report.

In my first year as Treasurer I have to report that our Association posted a loss of £3207. In my defence I should point out that the year was one biased to home matches, with eight at home and four away, and years such as this do tend to realise a loss. I am hopeful that with this position reversed next year I can engineer a small profit.

For the second year running the tour closed with a surplus and our new Captain will have £262 to aid his aspirations for next year. The creditors’ figure, of £2005, shown in the accounts is made up of this Tour Surplus plus £1580 paid by members for matches this September and £162 of Members Credits which were still unused at the end of August.

Overall the Association is still in a strong position with reserves of £19732. As my predecessor Derek would    say, “I commend these accounts to you”.

Doug Ebdon also asked if more members would pay on the internet and ensure that suitable narrative be made on the transfer. He also stated that the clothing prices had been reviewed and we were now selling at cost.

There were no questions and approval of the accounts was proposed by Rod Jones and seconded by Bill Shanks and carried unanimously.



The Captain introduced the Captain Elect Gerry Cotter from Beaconsfield GC. Proposed by Rob Southerden and seconded by Peter Short.

Approval for the appointment was sought from the membership present and carried unanimously.  The chain of office was duly handed over to Gerry.

The new Captain thanked Rob for being a superb ambassador for the Association during the past year. He mentioned that Rob had introduced 2 new events in the year Rob was looking forward to the year ahead and hoped that more members would participate in the matches next year. He said He had tried to arrange a tour to Ireland but it proved too expensive so now his tour would be to Barnham Broome in Norfolk.

He then presented the Past Captains Badge to the outgoing Captain and on behalf of all the members Rob was thanked sincerely.


The nomination is Peter Short proposed by Gerry Cotter and seconded Rob Southerden

The Captain asked for approval. Carried unanimously.


The nomination is – Peter Short, proposed by Brian Rodgers and seconded by Doug Ebdon

The Captain asked for approval. Carried unanimously.


The nomination is: David Liston, proposed by Peter Short and seconded by John Mannering.


The nomination is – Doug Ebdon proposed by David Liston and seconded by Peter Short.

The Captain asked for approval. Carried unanimously.


The Nominations are –John Mannering and Mark Williams. Proposed by Rob Southerden, seconded by Gerry Cotter.

The Captain asked for approval. Carried unanimously.

The Retiring Captain Rob Southerden remains on the Committee


There being no other business the Captain closed the meeting and advised members that the 39th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held at Ellesborough Golf Club on Friday 12 October 2018.